CHOK blooms in all directions

CHOK blooms in all directions

  From August 27 to August 29, China (Chongqing) electric vehicle, motorcycle and new energy vehicle exhibition was grandly opened, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters and more than 800 exhibitors. Many heavy-duty models of Dayang Chok appeared in Chongqing for close contact with the audience. The scenery of the Chok motorcade has attracted the attention of many citizens. On the way to the exhibition hall, it successfully captured the heart of a citizen. Even when an order is placed, it can be seen that the charm of Chok can not be underestimated.


  The popularity of the exhibition site was very hot. The exhibitors kept consulting the chook product information and test drive. Many users showed great interest in the chook-g series and were full of expectations for its heavy listing in October.

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