Battery price trap

Battery price trap

  At present, the price of electric bicycle batteries is mixed with fish's eyes. Good batteries have the same price as poor batteries, which really makes consumers suffer a lot. Find out the reasonable price and make a positioning for the battery price of electric tricycle and electric four-wheel vehicle. A more reasonable price for replacing a battery should be: the purchase price of the battery plus labor cost and quality assurance fee, and then deduct the recycling price of waste batteries. Based on this calculation, combined with the purchase price of common battery brands in the market, replace the battery once. Three batteries in each group of 10-12a are between 220 and 260 RMB, four batteries in each group of 10-12a are 280 to 350 RMB, three batteries in each group of 17a are 280 to 350 RMB, four batteries in each group of 17a are 400 to 480 RMB, and four batteries in each group of 20a are 430 to 500 RMB.


  The mechanic said that the price of charger replacement is unreasonable, and some repair shops charge between 50 RMB and 120 RMB. He believes that a reasonable price should be 40 RMB to 50 RMB .When it comes to the price of battery repair, the mechanic said that according to the usual practice in the industry, it is generally 30 RMB for three months, 50 RMB for half a year and 100 RMB for one year, and each charge can ensure driving more than 15 kilometers. Guests should make a prior agreement with the car repairer.


"Some people believe that the batteries of electric tricycles and electric four-wheel vehicles should be recharged like mobile phone boards when there is no electricity at all." The mechanic believes that this is a big misunderstanding in the use of electric vehicle batteries. The battery of electric vehicle is best charged when it is used to 50% ~ 70%. If it is recharged when there is no electricity at all, it will cause great damage to the battery, which will shorten the service life of the battery. When cycling, at the moment of starting, it's best to pedal the ground and start the car by external force, so as to reduce the battery pressure and prolong the service life.

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