Annual meeting

Annual meeting

  The 2020 annual business conference of Chongqing Beiyi vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Luohuang, Chongqing. In the morning, dealers at all levels visited the production plant in Luohuang Industrial Park and observed the production process, production equipment and product climbing and road test.


  After the luncheon, dealers from all levels across the country gathered and the afternoon meeting was officially held. Li Ming, chairman of Chongqing Beiyi vehicle Industry Co., Ltd., and Feng Yong, general manager of Chongqing Beiyi vehicle Industry Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and delivered speeches respectively. At the meeting, Li Ming, chairman of Chongqing Beiyi vehicle Industry Co., Ltd., explained the future planning of Beiyi company in terms of company scale, sales policy, production technology and product quality control, and thanked the people present. Li Ming expressed the hope that in the near future, every employee of the company will be proud of working in Beiyi! Applause thundered at the scene.

Annual meeting

  Subsequently, the participants enjoyed the literary and artistic programs and the award ceremony of excellent employees and excellent dealers of Beiyi company. The meeting was successfully concluded in a lively atmosphere.

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