The rise of southwest electric tricycle

  At present, the electric tricycle industry is still in the trend of plate accumulation in various regions, and has not reached the realm of "sitting on the world" of a single brand. It is precisely because of such an industrial structure dominated by powerful groups that emerging brands in the southwest can still support and respect themselves in the industry. Due to the unique exclusion caused by geographical reasons in the southwest, many brands have "scruples" when entering the southwest, so that self owned enterprises in the southwest can give full play to their localization advantages and develop rapidly.


  It is worth noting that the national electric tricycle industry market pattern has initially taken shape. While developing, the electric tricycle manufacturers in Southwest China face relatively high purity and competitiveness in the southwest market. However, the maturity of market development also means that the manufacturers in Southwest China face relatively high consumer market requirements. After the interview, the reporter found that most of the consumer groups faced by electric tricycle manufacturers in Southwest China are mainly in the southwest rural market, while the urban electric tricycle market needs special vehicles with single function, such as mail transportation and sanitation, but no one is involved for the time being.


  With the continuous improvement of the three rural policies on the rural economy, the economic income of farmers is also increasing, the young and strong years of migrant workers in cities are increasing year by year, and the left behind farmers tend to be aging. The usual motor tricycles and agricultural tricycles are no longer suitable for the current rural production demand, and farmers also have new demand for travel. The first product to test the water in the rural market is the special electric tricycle for the elderly, because the urban electric tricycle for the elderly has reached saturation. With the popularity of cars, the electric tricycle for the elderly has encountered the bottleneck of development prematurely in the city, and the electric tricycle for the elderly is exiting the stage of the city. Therefore, the elderly electric tricycle has found another way to explore the rural market, which is also the first product of electric tricycle to test the water in rural areas. However, the function of the elderly electric tricycle is too single to meet the actual requirements of rural consumer groups. The light, fast and easy to learn electric tricycle has become the latest highlight of rural vehicles.

  Although the rural market is a huge consumer market, further research is needed on how manufacturers can successfully control it. In terms of the current development of enterprises, the electric tricycle industry in Southwest China is bursting with strong vitality. It can be seen that some enterprises have become stronger first, and the growth trend of enterprises is faster than that in the north.


  We can see that the prosperous electric tricycle market has passed the blowout period and has officially entered a mature and stable period. The major electric tricycle princes support their troops and respect themselves. In the face of the rising southwest market, how to win the top is the problem that the electric tricycle heroes think about at present. The drums of the war have been sounded. This is not only a battle without smoke, but also an industrial evolution theory. Let's wait and see.

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