The business situation of tricycle merchants after the opening of the year.

From the model point of view, freight three-drive, passenger caravan, leisure three-wheel, a complete range of categories.

From the perspective of power type, the fuel three wheels and the electric three wheels are each in array. Dealers generally believe that the three-wheel fuel oil is more popular

If the terrain of Chongqing is climbing up the hill and going a little further. For relatively flat places or only need to run three to five kilometers, electric three wheels have more advantages.

Non-announcement cars are not completely out of the market. Most of the companies in the market are announcement cars, which have catalogues and can be licensed.

But there are also merchants selling non-public cars. Merchants said that some users have a relaxed environment and do not have to apply for a license.

After all, applying for a license requires a large amount of additional expenses, which is unbearable for low-income people.

However, whether the card can be issued, the merchant will also make it clear to the buyer.



     The market products are mixed with good and bad, and the non-announcement cars are not completely delisted.

     Warm reminder: when users buy a car, they must not covet the cheap, unqualified miscellaneous brand cars, the quality is not guaranteed, and the life span is short. The brand car and the announcement car are the choice to be at ease and have a higher cost performance.


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