Three Wheel Motorcycle


250cc, water-cooling



Rear- Axle

Intergral booster drum, Φ220


Semi cabin, iron material

Operating model

Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)

Front Shock Absorber

Hydraulic spring (Double)

Rear Spring Leafs


Front Brake


Rear Brake


Wheels Type



Best 3 wheel motorcycle with 50*100 double-layer frame, can be connected to the wheel with a distance of 1700.

New 3 wheel motorcycle with a side of 750, a beam of 1050, split one and a half rows, cargo size: 2.6*1.5m.

3 wheel motorized cargo tricycle full floating 168 speed ratio 10:37, 6+ 4 leaf springs, 5 speeds, with balance bar, positioning 860. Yuanxing tires 5.00-12 front and rear.




Shed: It used machine welding and robot cutting technology, besides it makes better use of aerodynamics to drive faster.




Engine: 250cc water-cooled engine is quality assurance, low repair rate, full power, energy efficiency, cost-effective.



Tire: 5.0-12 Tire is resisting and durable, its non-slip grip is remarkable. The most important is low noise.

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