Sand Tire 350cc cargo Tricycle
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Sand tire 350cc tricycle






Rear- Axle

Intergral booster drum,Φ220


Semi cabin, iron material

Operating model

Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)

Front Shock Absorber

Hydraulic spring(Double)

Rear Spring Leafs


Front Brake


Rear Brake


Wheels Type


Front/Rear Tire


New Five Goats (with top cover) + one and a half rows

new Wuyang second-generation fuel tank for the headlight cover of the Tiger. The fuel tank has an oil level sensor.

this china hot-selling tricycle models is equipped with Main line with MP3 connector (MP3 installed on the handlebar)"and powerful "Zongshen 350 water-cooled engine, cobalt copper color, wheel cover 350CC, font tracing red, cycle gear, 18-level 250W

&23 Water tank, water pipe" "Can be connected to the frame

Product Description

Suitable for a variety of small space complex road conditions, durable, powerful, easy to load, save time and labor. It is convenient and safe to transport passengers. Passengers also feel comfortable to stay on the tricycle.


Specialized in the tricycle field for more than 10 years, we are professional and faithful. This kind of tricycle is safe, stable, durable and energy- efficient. Please contact us now.


Our Motorized Cargo Tricycle

Made to carry heavy loads with ease at lowest possible running cost and maintenance, in addition to protecting the environment.

1. This is the most suitable model for Rough Roads areas. 2. With Electrophoresis finishing technology, this model is non-rusty cargo tricycle. 3. Matching with best tricycle 150cc or 200cc engine, this motorized tricycle is powerful enough to load up to 800kg goods. 4. With booster rear axle, this motor tricycle can climb mountains easily with heavy loading. 5. Our factory self produce cargo box and chassis can ensure delivery within 30 days after receiving deposit.

6. Most competitive price can help you to grasp the market very fast.

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