Multi Functional 250CC Cargo Tricycle

China Heavy Duty Truck Tricycle 200CC/250CC/300CC Tricycle


China’s hot-selling tricycle 250cc freight tricycle with Lifan 250CC water, 50*100 chassis, 6+3 leaf springs, large pedals, rear extended chassis,


2.5*1.4m cargo box (left and right thickness: 2.0, bottom: 2.0), a separate passenger seat,


Dayang Tricycle uses a full-floating 168 special rear axle, with booster, medium speed, 3+1 gearbox, oil brake, and larger rear shock absorber,


5.00-12 5-hole tire, 1 spare tire, 60-type front shock absorber, new bumper, balance bar, rear axle adjustment frame

Multi Functional 250CC Cargo TricycleMulti Functional 250CC Cargo TricycleMulti Functional 250CC Cargo TricycleMulti Functional 250CC Cargo TricycleMulti Functional 250CC Cargo Tricycle

The Development History of the Company:

1. The company and Luoyang North Yichu Co., Ltd. jointly established Chongqing Beiyi Vehicle Co., Ltd. in 2012. A strong alliance, the company is located in Chongqing (China's motorcycle production base).

2. The company passed the production access license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce in 2012. There have been only 15 companies in Chongqing for many years, and Chongqing Beiyi Vehicle Co., Ltd. is the only company that focuses on manufacturing tricycles.

3. In 2012, the company successively passed a number of national technical certifications such as national ISO9001, TS16949, national compulsory certification 3C certification.

4. The company introduced the concept of automobile development in 2013 to jointly develop three-wheeled motorcycles with a number of industry experts, and independently develops 3-5 new products each year.

5. In 2014, the company expanded the scale of the production site by 5 times to meet the market demand of more countries, and the annual production capacity reached 150,000 units.

6. In 2014, in order to reduce costs and improve independent management capabilities, the company invested 30 sets of automated welding robots and invested tens of millions in 3 automotive paint lines. There are 2 frame welding lines and a number of R&D patents have been obtained.

7. In October 2014, the company increased its investment in the production of parts and components, realized the complete self-manufacture of core parts, and set up frame workshop, carriage workshop, cab workshop, rear axle workshop, and stamping workshop.

8. The Dayang brand became the No. 1 brand in Chongqing tricycle sales in 2015.

9. In 2018, the company increased its investment in information management and independently developed a production management system, sales management system and customer management system. Leading the industry's informatization development.

10. In 2019, the market sales of the three products developed by our company increased sharply, becoming the benchmark for peers to imitate plagiarism.

Our Service

Pre-sales: provide consulting services.

On sale: provide professional product and factory introduction.

After-sales service: quickly provide original parts to meet customer after-sales needs.


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