Motor Tricyclestrike 3 Wheel Electric Trike Motor Tricycle Changjiang Motorcycle Sidecar Zongshen Motorcycle E Rickshaw Bajaj Auto Rickshaw

Product Description

S/C Item  Technical specification
1 Whole size 3350×1250×1420mm
2 Carriage size(L*H) 1800*1250
3 Track width (mm): 1110mm
4 Wheelbase (mm): 2200mm
5 Max Speed 60Km/h
6 Tyre size 4.50-12
7 Steel plate Double group 4 plus 3
8 Rear axle Semi-floating exit car rear axle
9 Battery 18A
10 braking mode Drum
1 Engine displacement 150CC Air cooling
2 Engine type vertical
3 Start mode Electricity,feet
4 Maximum power/rotating speed 8.0kW/8500 r/pm
5 Maximum Torque /rotating speed 10.0N·m/6500r/min
6 Ignition model CDI
7 Lubricating model Pressure plus splash
8 Clutch type Wet multichip type
9 Primary transmission ratio 4.055
10 Transmission ratio 2.909/1.867/1.389/1.15/0.955

Motor tricyclesTrike 3 wheel Electric trike Motor tricycle Changjiang motorcycle sidecar Zongshen motorcycle E rickshaw Bajaj auto rickshaw 

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