Leisure Transportation Enclosed Tricycle
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Leisure transportation enclosed tricycle






Rear- Axle

semi-floating 8th generation


Semi-closed, iron material

Operating model

Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)

Front Shock Absorber

mountain type shock absorption

Rear Spring Leafs


Rear Brake


Wheels Type


Front/Rear Tire


1.LED light: using copper wire, super brightness, can be irradiated for 30 meters, continuous illumination for 12 hours, the color of the light remains unchanged. 2.Instrument:LCD display, integrated block, more accurate power display. 3. Vibration reduction:using motorcycle standards, with a large number of spring coils and a length of495mm, the shock absorption effect is better. Experiments have shown that the vibration is 1 million times, and oil leakage will not occur for at least 5 years.


Leisure transportation enclosed tricycle

4. Steel plate: greater load-bearing capacity, high resilience, not easily deformed, white steel plate rubber sleeve, small gap, low noise, more durable. 5.Brake pad: using plant fiber and metal powder, the contact area between brake and brake drum reaches 80%, no heat, long life, better braking effect. 6. Sine brushless motor :3000-3200 rpm/min, torque is 20% -25% larger than ordinary motor, safe, comfortable, stable. 7.Steel tires:non-slip and moisture-proof, with a load capacity 30% higher than other vehicles. The tread pattern is prominent, which increases the grip area and saves electricity and wear.


Leisure transportation enclosed tricycle

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