Enclosed Cabin Cargo Tricycle with Car Engine

1000cc, 800cc automobile gasoline engine closed cabin heavy-duty freight tricycle


Closed cabin heavy-duty freight tricycle 800cc petrol engine for mini vehicle with auxiliary water tank, 50*100 overall frame, 8+1 gearbox,


Reversing image of luxury car interior, 2.4m*1.5m large engineering cold plate cargo compartment,


Sichuan-Chongqing full-floating five-hole Mimic heavy-duty rear axle, 250 brake drums,


6.0-13 Three-wheel vacuum-assisted agricultural vehicle oil brake, automobile steel plate (6+3)*8,


Hebei 800 type car engine, circulating car steering gear electronic control brake water injection 45A batteryEnclosed Cabin Cargo Tricycle with Car EngineEnclosed Cabin Cargo Tricycle with Car EngineEnclosed Cabin Cargo Tricycle with Car EngineEnclosed Cabin Cargo Tricycle with Car Engine


German power: The first choice for commercial use is th V-force engine, which combines the essence of German technology and strengthens the advantages of strong explosion/heavy load/low temperature/durability;

  Patented frame: Drawing lessons from the upgraded S-shaped frame of the micro-car, using CAE analysis and optimization, effectively improving the overall strength;

   Micro-car rear axle: 4.5 large gear modulus heavy-duty rear axle, optimized with reference to the micro-car structure design, to meet the strong load-carrying requirements of the entire vehicle;

  Heavy load leaf spring: automotive-grade spring steel material and composite main and auxiliary leaf spring structure design, adapt to all kinds of bumpy roads, and the carrying capacity is comparable to that of a mini car;

  V truck compartment: heavy-duty style engineering compartment, one-time roll forming compartment plate, external reinforcement ribs, fully meet the demand for cargo loading;

  Front fork structure: non-standard tapered roller direction bearing, agricultural vehicle front fork structure, stronger carrying capacity and higher reliability;

  Comfortable space: large-space disc cab, sunroof, water cup tank, heater and other functional components to meet the functional requirements of drivers and passengers;

  Adjustable seat: adjustable sofa seat, backrest angle, seat front and rear position, headrest can be adjusted according to the needs of drivers and passengers;

   Double-row wipers: The front windshield is equipped with electric double wipers, which effectively increases the visual range of the drivers and passengers in rainy weather and improves the driving safety factor;

   Large fuel tank: side-mounted metal fuel tank, 30 liters of large capacity, strong endurance, can fully meet the needs of medium and long-distance transportation;

   Three-stage oil top: three-stage lifting cylinder, reliable performance, strong lifting force, dumping angle of more than 41 degrees, and more clean cargo dumping

Enclosed Cabin Cargo Tricycle with Car EngineEnclosed Cabin Cargo Tricycle with Car EngineEnclosed Cabin Cargo Tricycle with Car Engine

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