Electric 3 Wheels Carrying Cargo Tricycle
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72V 45A

Motor power


Way to turn






Bucket size


Complete vehicle

2350 *800*1000mm


360 kg


Electric 3 wheels carrying cargo tricycle

The electric tricycle is equipped with high horsepower brushless motor, maintenances free battery, and strong climbing ability.Energy saving and environmental protection, and can be equipped with hydraulic dump system.In the context of soaring oil prices and the country's efforts to develop a low-carbon economy, it is an ideal tool for transporting bulk materials in factories, mines, tunnels and subway construction.

Electric 3 Wheels Carrying Cargo Tricycle

Electric 3 wheels carrying cargo tricycle

This car appearance is beautiful, the design is exquisite, the performance is excellent, the driving is comfortable, is the brick kiln factory, the fireproof factory, the flour factory, the concentrator factory, the chemical factory, the furnace charge factory and so on transportation load and unload the bulk material the tool.

Electric 3 wheels carrying cargo tricycle

Electric tricycle with automatic hydraulic lifting system, no noise, no pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption, applicability;Using battery, the motor performance is reliable, safe and durable, with brake power off function;Enough electricity can work for 10-12 hours;The use of this car can reduce labor force, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, greatly reduce production costs, increase the profit of the factory.


1. 24 hours on line service, support Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian ,technical guidance.

2. When meets machine failure problem, our factory will ensure that the problem is solved within 1 hour.

3. Provide machine install video.

4. Provide logistics information, like shipping by sea, shipping by express DHL, FEDEX delivery, real-time tracking service.

5. If machine is broken ,Non-human causes,the new machine will be provided or new parts will be provided.

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