Dump 200CC Cargo Motor Tricycle

Dump Popular Model Cargo Motor Tricycle 200CC Heavy Loading Tricycle

4 Stroke 12v 120ah Open Body 200cc Cargo Tricycle

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Brake:good high brake performance.

Engine:low speed , high power, large torque.Zongshen / Lifang engine with good performance and quality

Rear axle:the technology is the same as car rear axle, very stronger and durablr.

Cargo box: electro-coating and pickling phosphating technology to protect cargo box from rust.With high strength steel structure to fully resist the impact while loading.

All our products get through the CCC and ISO9001 CERTIFICATE.

Dump 200CC Cargo Motor TricycleDump 200CC Cargo Motor TricycleDump 200CC Cargo Motor TricycleDump 200CC Cargo Motor TricycleDump 200CC Cargo Motor Tricycle

Best-selling tricycle models in Tanzania and African countries with 200CC/250CC/300CC engines


200cc water-cooled engine, 50*100 keel frame, 40*80 rear flat frame, best-selling tricycle models in Tanzania and African countries,



Built-in 5+2 steel plate, 2m*1.3m large-scale engineering cold plate cargo hold,



Semi-buoyancy afterburner 60 bridge tubes, front and rear 4.5-12 ordinary tires,


09 shock absorber, 9A battery

Advantagers of this model:

Flexible operation 1. Integral welding of automobile tooling and pneumatic clamping device2. The angle is designed by engineering simulation, and the mechanics distribution is more scientific3. The original double box design of riser welding, stronger strength4. The material of the riser has been selected from among the best to ensure higher safety performance



1. Brand-name engine, guaranteed quality and durable.

2. The core components are exclusively supplied after our company's technical professional analysis.

3. The special engine for three-wheeled motorcycles has larger torque and stronger climbing ability.

4. Reasonable layout of the engine position, spring shock absorber is used to install the shock absorber, which is reliable, durable and easy to maintain.

In 2018, the company increased its investment in information management and independently developed a production management system, sales management system and customer management system. Leading the industry's informatization development.


 In 2019, the market sales of the three products developed by our company increased sharply, becoming the benchmark for peers to imitate plagiarism.

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