Closed Cabin1000KG Load Cargo Tricycle

Model DY150ZH-C
Cargo dimension(L*W) 1700*1250mm
Engine type single cylinder,four stroke,air cooled
Displacement(ml) 150cc
Max power 9.0kw
Max torque 11N.m
Ignition CDI
Net weight(kg) 300
Max load(kg) more than 3000kg
Brake(F/R) drum/drum
starting system electric/kick
tire size 5.00-12
Transmission shaft
Battery 12v9a
loading qty(40HQ) 50 sets with CKD packing method

Closed Cabin1000KG Load Cargo TricycleClosed Cabin1000KG Load Cargo TricycleClosed Cabin1000KG Load Cargo TricycleClosed Cabin1000KG Load Cargo TricycleClosed Cabin1000KG Load Cargo Tricycle

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Based on best quality, competitive price, and distinctive appearance, DAYANG products meet ever-increasing need of market, not only securing its status in Chinese market, but also exported to many countries and regions, such as the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

We provide CKD, SKD tricycle. Any special requirement for the packing, please contact us.Each model materials will be packed separately the packing system will follow the ISO standards for packing.The fragile materials must be packed as per ISO fragile materials packing system We have most professional packaging transport of large trucks to the seaport and international transport cooperation.

Bottom bracket engine

(1) Integrate the main and auxiliary shafts, shift mechanism, reverse gear, and booster of the engine into one transmission, completely separate the power system from the transmission system, and reduce the rate of engine breakage; at the same time, because the reverse gear is canceled The reliability of the whole vehicle is greatly improved

(2) The output shaft of the engine is designed to be centered, and the left and right half shafts of the rear axle are exactly the same. The power transmission is more stable, the efficiency is higher, the vehicle vibration is lower, and the maintenance is more convenient.

(3) The engine has 6 forward gears + 2 auxiliary gears, a total of 12 forward gears, and the gear ratio, modulus, and tooth thickness are all increased

(4) Vehicles with long wheelbases all adopt two-stage transmission to improve the driving quality of the vehicle and prolong the service life of parts and components.

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