Closed Cabin Cargo Tricycle Delivery Van

Closed Cabin Cargo Tricycle Delivery Van

1.LED car headlight, novel and beautiful, higher luminous intensity2. The whole door frame is formed at one time

3. The bottom plate and the threshold

4. Luxury instrument panel, barrel instrument

5. The integrally formed single-layer frame has good strength and is easy to maintain

6. The steering is light and flexible, it is not easy to swing, and it does not deviate.

7. Ergonomic design, comfortable driving

8. Special internal resistance shock absorption, suitable for long-distance driving

9. The overall seal is good, no deviation, low noise and little vibration

10. The main wiring harness is changed to a two-stage structure, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.

11. Standard seat belt

12. Newly developed new cab with independent appearance, fine appearance, fine craftsmanship, good sealing and high strength


Introduction to the advantages of the caravan

(1) All caravans adopt brazed radiators of automobile structure, which has good heat dissipation effect. At the same time, auxiliary water tanks are added to increase water tank capacity.

(2) Both 80W fan motors have high power and good heat dissipation effect, which greatly prolongs the service life of the engine.

(3) The overall frame of the automobile structure has better integrity, stronger load-bearing capacity, simple and beautiful, and easy maintenance of the engine (some models have added longitudinal beam groove reinforcement), no welding spot at the bottom of the longitudinal beam, no additional beam , It is not only convenient for maintenance, but also avoids the stress and welding defects caused by welding, and ensures that the frame will not break.

(4) Reinforced design of caravan head

Our factory's production equipment:

4 car paint lines


20 roller presses, 30 robots, 200 sets of special fixtures, 300 sets of stamping dies, 5 sets of round wrapping machines, 80 sets of various lifting equipment, 17 sets of wire cutting equipment, 8 sets of carriage welding lines, 30 sets of shearing machines , 20 riveting machines, 18 drilling machines


80 punch presses, 12 hydraulic presses, 13 sets of cab tooling


60 sets of lathes, 20 sets of CNC lathes, 2 sets of 3D scanners,


There are 3 complete vehicle assembly lines and 2 packing assembly lines.


Engine 250cc,water-cooling
Chassis 50*100
Rear- Axle Intergral booster drum,Φ220
Cabin Full-closed, iron material
Operating model Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)
Front Shock Absorber Hydraulic spring(Double)
Rear Spring Leafs 5+2
Rear Brake Hydraulic
Wheels Type Three
Front/Rear Tire 5.00-12/5.00-12

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