Cargo Tricycle with Two Passenger Seats

classical design with two passenger seats cargo tricycle 250cc and 300cc three wheel motorcycle

Heavy loading cargo tricycle Dayang DZ300 water-cooled engine with two passenger seats, 500*100 double keel, groove plate single layer 7 steel plates (70 width),

inner keel welding bracket, 2.5*1.4m cargo box , bright red, edging distance 600 medium speed, Fully buoyant afterburner,central gear bag, same left and right axles, oil brake,

positioning 710 front and rear ordinary 5.5 anti-skid, double wheels

Cargo Tricycle with Two Passenger SeatsCargo Tricycle with Two Passenger SeatsCargo Tricycle with Two Passenger SeatsCargo Tricycle with Two Passenger SeatsCargo Tricycle with Two Passenger Seats

item value
Use For Cargo
Driving Type Motorized
Body Type Open
Certification CCC,ISO9001,ISO14001
Power > 800W
Voltage 12V
Displacement > 250cc
Brand Name DAYANG
Place of Origin Chongqing,China
Size 3500*1350*1500
Product name Three Wheel Tricycle
Color Orange
Engine Type 300cc Water-cooled
Tyre size 5.0-12
Front Shock absorber Hydraulic spring(Double)
Chassis 50*100
Rear- Axle Intergral booster drum 220
Rear Spring Leafs 5+3
Cargo box size 2.5*1.4m
Brake Drum

Enlarge the fuel tank: the sports locomotive style fuel tank fits the man-machine radian, and has a large capacity of 20 liters, making long-distance driving more worry-free;

s shock absorber: Patented Han's shock absorber, designed in all road conditions, meets various harsh environment requirements;

  Patented leaf spring: made of automotive-grade spring steel, variable cross-section structure, good flexibility in empty vehicles, strong elasticity under heavy loads, and can easily cope with various bumpy roads;

   V truck bed: the real pattern is integrated with the bent bottom plate, which is tightly integrated with the bed plate, and the grain loading and dumping are more convenient and free.

  Comfortable ergonomics: The ergonomics of the whole vehicle is optimized, the seat height, the height of the seat, and the pedals form the golden ergonomic size, so long-distance riding is not fatigued

   Double flashing warning: double flashing warning lights are added, bad weather can effectively improve vehicle recognition, and driving is safer;

  Forced air cooling: The water cooling configuration adds a manual fan switch, and the fan can be manually turned on as needed to force heat dissipation

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