300cc Tanzania Motor Tricycle Price
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300cc Tanzania Motor Tricycle Price

300cc tanzania motor tricycle price

Our shift agencies, institutions, and general factory is different, the kind of double double prone to sound while driving, we are using double ball head design, with dust cover, and here is the spline connection, contact surface is larger, vibration noise is reduced, and the reliability of the gear mechanism is very good, And because the shift mechanism after moving forward, people sit on it, change gear when stepping up is very comfortable


300cc tanzania motor tricycle price






Rear- Axle

Full Floating 168 Special Type Rear Axle with Booster, Middle Speed,Φ220

Operating model

Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)

Front Shock Absorber

JUSHEN shock

Rear Spring Leafs


Rear Brake


Wheels Type


Front/Rear Tire



300cc tanzania motor tricycle price

This bracket is our own design, their own production, the use of a cold plate molding, the original general bracket, like rubber soft connection, or is a square steel molding, is a hot plate is made, we are a cold plate stamping molding, not only beautiful, but also the strength of the whole.



It is a quite big factory with company registered capital of 15 million dollars. With advanced production lines, motorcycle performance testing lines,pretreatment acid phosphate production line , car molding production lines, frame production line as well as other types of production equipment more than 200 sets.Our products are being sold well to the south America ,Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa.Our export sales increase year by year , and now we have been accredited to ISO9001:2008, and product quality well meets CCC national compulsive certification. we are confident that you will be satisfied with our outstanding quality and professional teamwork .

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