250cc Motorized Adult Tricycles
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250cc motorized adult tricycles

Differential mechanism in axle it can adjust the revolving speed of rear wheels to reduce the heel and more comfortable for you ,it has two kinds , full floating axle and semi-floating floating axle are more convenience to repair and better load capacity

Engine : it is one of most important part of tricycle ,we use DAYANG water cool with cooling fin increase the cooling area ,water cool are better than air-cool it is more balance , and it cooperate with a cool fan make sure the engine work in the best temperature engine set between two water tank it is link with water pipe it become a water circulation .under the engine it has a pedestal connect with rubber ring and spring washer induce the shock make you feel more comfortable when you drive


250cc motorized adult tricycles


Engine 250cc,water-cooling
Chassis 50*100
Rear- Axle Full Floating 168 Special Type Rear Axle with Booster, Middle Speed,Φ220
Operating model Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)
Front Shock Absorber 60 han type spring
Rear Spring Leafs 6+3
Rear Brake Hydraulic
Wheels Type Five
Front/Rear Tire 5.0-12/5.0-12


250cc motorized adult tricycles

shock absorber double damper extremely decay the shock because of the external damper it is more convenience to repair this shock absorption can walk up and down stairs even in uneven road it can move smooth

speedometer and tachometer rounded design make you feel more sporty, gear indicator and Water temperature display it is very comprehensive and considerate, driver can intuitively handle engine and tricycle working condition


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