110cc Automatic Powerful Cargo Tricycle

110cc automatic powerful cargo tricycle、

110cc Automatic Powerful Cargo Tricycle110cc Automatic Powerful Cargo Tricycle110cc Automatic Powerful Cargo Tricycle

1. Break the tradition and develop a high-end imitation electric simple trailer with completely independent intellectual property rights;

2. According to the design concept of caravan, the front part of the driving area is completely surrounded to provide the best solution for shelter from wind and rain;

3. Positioned as a small fuel oil vehicle, the headlights adopt double lamp system, which can be expanded into electric vehicles;

4. Modular simple cover head, with cover and no cover state can be switched freely, without restructuring.

110cc automatic powerful cargo tricycle


Engine 150cc,Air-cooling
Chassis 40*60
Rear- Axle Lightweight rear axle,Φ180
Operating model Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)
Front Shock Absorber 43 prince shock absorber
Rear Spring Leafs 5
Rear Brake Hydraulic
Wheels Type Three
Front/Rear Tire 4.00-12/4.00-12
Cargo box size (L*W)(M) 1.6*1.1

1.Change our company's status quo of no high-end, no differentiation small tricycle, enrich the product line, further improve dayang's brand image and product competitiveness;

2. It can be expanded into two announcements (with or without a canopy), saving labor and time to switch, and simplifying the production group Weaving, but also to meet the needs of different markets.

110cc automatic powerful cargo tricycle

1. Configuration height: 43 single-arm front shock absorption with external spring aluminum bottom barrel, changan lightweight rear axle, 3-inch micro-wheel, 13 liters of extra oil

Box, automobile instrument, 1.6m x 1.1m container, not only improve the vehicle grade, but also greatly enhance the applicability.

2. The design of pedal-type afterforce steering mechanism, combined with lengthened and widened high-quality seat cushion, makes the driving space of the car reach

The ultimate, more than any other competitor in the class.

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