Why are electric tricycles so popular in rural areas

Why are electric tricycles so popular in rural areas

  1、 Price. The countryside is no better than the city. Due to the face, everyone buys cars. They pay attention to practicality, and electric vehicles have great advantages in price and subsequent maintenance costs. In addition, they do not burn oil, which is favored by farmers' friends.


  2、 Practicality. In rural areas, it is often a problem to go to school because the school is far away. With electric vehicles, it is different. A tricycle can often meet the needs of several children to go to school, which is very convenient. In addition, rural areas are generally far away from the county and market towns, and traditional bicycles and other equipment can not meet the needs of farmers who know more and more about enjoying the progress brought by science and technology. In particular, it saves time and effort to trade agricultural products in market towns.


  3、 A good helper of agricultural work. In some mountainous areas, the land is not as neat and flat as the plain. Large and small land is divided into small pieces by the terrain. There, there is no way for large-scale harvesting equipment to enter the harvest. At this time, the electric three wheel has become an important role. Because it is small, it is convenient to access, coupled with flexibility and simple operation

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