Tricycles will have "ID cards"

Tricycles will have

  It is understood that the express electric tricycle hanging coded license plate is also the first in Shandong Province. However, the staff of Jinan Express Industry Association and express company said that at present, they have not issued formal management specifications and implementation measures after vehicle "listing". Next, they will also conduct targeted research on this aspect. As a traffic management department, the staff of the overpass traffic police brigade said that after the express electric tricycle is "listed", the traffic police department will strengthen the linkage and interoperability with the express industry, urge some unlicensed couriers to obtain motorcycle driver's license, and regularly carry out road traffic safety training for couriers.


  Because most electric tricycles are uninsured, they often think of evading responsibility first after an accident. This situation may change in the future. Since August this year, Jinan has also begun to pilot two or three wheeled electric vehicle insurance, such as electric tricycles. The vehicle insurance premium is divided into 200 RMB and 400 RMB. The former can claim up to 36000 RMB and the latter can claim up to 69000 yuan. At present, Jinan is in the pilot stage and has not been popularized on a large scale. Shu Chang, manager of the channel business department of Ping An Property Insurance Shandong Branch, told reporters that there are dozens of electric vehicle insurance policies in Jinan. Through business connection, in the next step, all member units of Jinan Express Industry Association will also successively insure electric tricycles.

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