300CC Petrol Engine Tricycle
Price : 0 USD dollars


Engine 300cc,water-cooling
Chassis 50*100
Rear- Axle Intergral booster drum,Φ220
Cabin Semi cabin, iron material
Operating model Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)
Front Shock Absorber 09 type spring
Rear Spring Leafs 5+2
Rear Brake Hydraulic
Wheels Type Three
Front/Rear Tire 4.5-12/4.5-12

Hot selling Africa cargo tricycle models with powerful engine of 200CC/250CC/300CC

Hot selling Africa cargo 200cc petrol engine tricycle models with powerful engine of 250cc Lifan water cooler engine, 50*100 keel frame, 40*80 rear flat frame,

200CC Petrol Engine Tricycle built-in 5+2 steel plate, 2m*1.3m large engineering cold plate cargo compartment,

200CC Petrol Engine Tricycle semi-buoyant afterburner 60 bridge pipe, front and rear 4.5-12 ordinary Tires,09 shock absorption, 9A battery

Model advantage

1.Patented frame: refer to the s-type integrated frame of the micro-car structure upgrade, and use CAE analysis to optimize, effectively improve the overall strength

2.ouble wipers: electric double wipers are installed on the front windshield to effectively increase the visual range of drivers and passengers on rainy days and improve the driving safety factor3.Large fuel tank: side mounted metal fuel tank, 12 liters of super capacity, strong endurance, can fully meet the needs of medium and long distance transportation

4.Integrated windscreen: integrated iron windscreen, height of 610mm, can fully protect legs from cold wind impact


First of all,

our price is not imagined by anyone with non-reason,it is worthy by its’ configuration, good quality ,big brand’s reputation,and our excellent after-sales service.

Every penny worth it! Second,

we could promise:our price is no profit,the lowest price among factories with high quality just like us.We never do business just for only one time. Third,

at the same time,we can promise:if our price with this same type of motor is higher than other factories,you could just quit the contract with us at any time,we could return all your money. Fourth,

we never change any parts of the device of the ordered tricycle,or raise the price in the middle of our cooperation on purpose.


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