250cc Motor Tricycles Cabins Motorbickes
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Chinese inter item 250cc motor tricycles cabins motorbickes

250cc motor tricycles cabins motorbickes

1.Big double Headlight raise the luminous intensity and Irradiation distance it do better at dark night in case one side broken you have the other one to use ,and appearance also fashion and grand

2.New style headlight, good condensing property, strong penetrating ability, much safer when drive during night.

3.The seat is made by high-grade leather and sponge, plus the backrest is improved according to human engineering, these things increase comfort and lower fatigue

4.Independently developed new cab, with atmospheric appearance, fine technology, good sealing and high strength

5.Integrally formed single-layer frame, good strength and easy maintenance

China gasoline 250cc motor tricycles cabins motorbickes

250cc motor tricycles cabins motorbickes


Engine 250cc,water-cooling
Chassis 50*100
Rear- Axle Intergral booster drum,Φ220
Cabin Full-closed, iron material
Operating model Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)
Front Shock Absorber Hydraulic spring(Double)
Rear Spring Leafs 5+2
Rear Brake Hydraulic
Wheels Type Three
Front/Rear Tire 5.00-12/5.00-12

Chinese brand well 250cc motor tricycles cabins motorbickes

250cc motor tricycles cabins motorbickes

1.Plus size frame Surface treatment: pickling, phosphating, electrophoresis high-temperature baking design, its own outfall , thicken keel are extend to frame it improve frame ruggedness

2.The model has spacious driving space and reasonable ergonomics; Light and flexible steering, comfortable suspension and good braking performance; The chassis has low vibration and noise, low failure rate and good market reputation.

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