Research on the right of way in electric tricycle industry

  The electric tricycle industry can be said to be a "Grass-roots" industry. Initially, the electric tricycle was positioned as a low-end means of transportation in urban and rural areas, and its target customer base can be roughly divided into five categories, including rural people, urban low-income people, self-employed households, laid-off workers and middle-aged and elderly people. However, with the continuous expansion of the electric tricycle market, the electric tricycle products have also been further developed and improved. Its market has gradually shifted from rural areas to cities and towns, and achieved good results. In terms of population coverage, it has also gradually shifted from the elderly to the middle-aged and young groups, and the age level has been further expanded. The industrial scale of electric tricycles also surged from 500000 in 2004 to 9 million in 2016.


  Although it has a huge market and demand, the development of electric tricycle is not plain sailing. On the one hand, the explosive blind growth of the industry brings many "side effects" widely criticized by consumers, such as low quality and low price, homogenization and price war; On the other hand, the identity of electric tricycle has not been recognized by the state for a long time, and it has been perplexing the whole industry that it can not drive on the road in a "fair and bright" way.


  The legalization process of anything is almost always produced first, then used on a large scale, and then formulated and issued relevant laws and regulations for standardized management. At the beginning of the birth of the automobile, it was impossible to have all kinds of traffic regulations specifically for the automobile at that time. For the management of the carriage as the main means of transportation at that time, the automobile was undoubtedly non-standard, but this did not become a reason to restrict the development of the automobile. Relevant laws can be improved while trying out, and it is impossible and unrealistic to plan everything in one step.


  The core problem of the high road accident rate of electric tricycles is not caused by its own characteristics. Although there are some objective effects on the speed and body, it is more caused by the driver's weak legal awareness and frequent illegal driving. The reason for this is that the electric tricycle is in the gray area of laws and regulations to a great extent. There is basically no legal basis for how much to punish after violating the rules, what standard to punish, and even whether some behaviors are illegal or not, and what lane the electric tricycle should drive in. What's more, if we only consider the number of accidents, there will be more car accidents, but we can't ban cars. So it is not convincing to take the data without total amount as an example.

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