Lanzhou carries out unified management of Express electric tricycle

  With the rapid development of the express industry, while bringing convenience to people's work and life, some new situations and problems are gradually emerging. Vehicles do not meet national standards, models are not unified, safety is not guaranteed, which seriously affects the overall image of the city and other prominent problems, which have become the focus of the traffic management department. In order to effectively solve this prominent problem, this year, after fully understanding the actual needs of express enterprises for electric tricycles, Lanzhou postal administration has actively coordinated and communicated with the traffic police department in accordance with the opinions on strengthening and improving the management of urban express transport vehicles issued by the municipal government, guided express enterprises to update and upgrade end delivery vehicles, used electric tricycles that meet national standards, and carried out vehicle selection Gansu Express has put forward requirements to express enterprises in terms of location and size of signs, unified filing management and so on.


  After these updated electric tricycles are in place, Lanzhou postal administration will register the number, models and drivers of electric tricycles equipped by various express enterprises, and require enterprises to strengthen the education and training of employees, standardize their operation and driving behavior, eliminate violations of traffic rules, random parking and road occupation, and eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards in time.


  At present, Lanzhou postal administration has uniformly filed and managed 486 electric tricycles of 10 express delivery enterprises such as Shunfeng, Shentong, Zhongtong and Yuantong, and installed regulatory marks. In the future, the express electric tricycle with unified image, model and number will be easily accessible by the traffic control department when engaged in express business.

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